Join us for socially-distanced events this year at Van Noble Farm!  There will be a variety of fun opportunities for you to come enjoy the farm, the animals, and the delicious, local food that we showcase here!  Stay up to date about upcoming events by joining our newsletter below or following us @van_noble_farm!



Pig Roast & Live Music @ Van Noble Farm
Mijail Martinez & The Cantina Ramblers

Saturday, July 25th —  6pm until 10pm!


We apologize to all of our fans who were excited for a live show this year but it looks like we have missed the window to hold our event with the Cantina Ramblers this Saturday July 25th. We were encouraged in early July by the total of 2 active cases in Tompkins County and we began planning this event. However now that there are 32 active cases (and surely that will continue to rise), we no longer feel that we can safely hold any kind of gathering, even outdoors. We have considered many options but the possibility of guests infecting each other is too high when there is eating and drinking going on and we are also encouraging people to stay on site for hours.

For the time being we are planning to focus on our extremely socially-distant DRIVE-THRU barbecues and some package retail products to be released soon. Please stay in touch to hear about opportunities to get your fix of our smoked meats!

Devon and Team